Aug. 13, 2017

Beverly Hills Wife's of Love and Hip Hop

Everything that is going on in this world is really just a distraction.


All the stuff going on has us blinded and I understand. Really we don't stand a chance against everything that is thrown in our face. 


All the reality Tv....all the civil unrest....all the tweeting...twerking and constant new stuff coming out, how do you figure anything out ?


We gotta be sure of what we are personally here for. We gotta respect what other people are here for. We gotta think, read, do research, learn for ourselves. 


Focus is key. Everything is so distracting but we must stay put in our vision. Keep our feet planted firmly on our path and not focus on anyone else and their path and if someone is worried about your path, let them be, don't worry about them. Stay the course. 


And we know this method works. Look at reality TV. Just a few years ago, this concept was so odd. No one really took it serious and I'm sure many thought it would die out but look at where we are at now. Look how far this concept has come. Almost to the point that scripted Tv has become something that is odd and almost frowned upon.


So what does that show u. Stay the course. Never let anything distract you from your path. Block out the noise, stay focused and be the change you wish to see in the world.