You Gotta Jump Two Feet In.....

Sep. 29, 2015

She came from Nebraska for a surgery for her little brother, a major surgery that if gone wrong, could kill him or paralyze him but they were on their way. The only doctor they could find to do it was in Los Angeles California and they knew no one or nothing about Southern California except what she saw in the movies but her and her family were on their way.

A friend of hers who knew about her situation told her about a family that she knew, a family that they could possibly stay with in California that could help with the process. Her mother called them and they were willing and ready so her and her family headed West.

She was a bit worried, a bit scared about what was going to happen and how they were going to get through everything but her mother encouraged her to have faith, they were doing the right thing and it always works out when you’re doing the right thing so she just stayed praying and tried to stay positive.

Watching her go through this process made me think about myself. Would I be willing to do whatever it takes to do what’s right; do whatever it takes even when it is uncomfortable, out of my control, forcing me to trust the process, trust the faith.

The surgery for her brother went excellent, no complications. He was even able to leave the hospital earl, surprising all the doctors with how amazing and quick the healing process was going.

Now, that family that was mentioned earlier, they have become her family. Staying with them allowed her and her family to really get some peace of mind and peace of heart because of the love and support that was shown. That family provided the comfort that allowed her brothers healing to continue to go well. It allowed her to meet new people, see new things and provide new opportunities, life changing opportunities.

How life changing you may say…??

Well, that young lady from Nebraska who knew no one or nothing about Los Angeles is now an official resident of California. That family offered her the opportunity of a lifetime. They told her if she wanted, she could stay in Cali and start a new life, her life.

It was a huge decision. Her whole life she had lived in Nebraska, close to her family, close to all things she grew up with but she knew that sometimes is life you must shake things up, jump two feet in and just trust the faith.

The decision when it came to her brothers major surgery was one of those situations so she prayed and trusted and now she was here to stay.

Do you jump into life with two feet? No hesitation, trusting the faith, remembering the times that it all worked out.

All things in life we do must be done with a full commitment; done with our whole mind, body and soul; done with our everything, no questions. If you can’t, then maybe a different decision needs to be made but in the case of that young lady, she is truly an inspiration for me, for anyone. Im so proud of her and I look forward to showing her what sunny Southern California is all about.