...18 Wheelers Scare Her....

".....we can imagine how important and precious it is to care about each other and about what we bring to our significant others, our work, our friendships and our family, and how it will directly affect what we get from these realtionships.....Everyday Sacred....."

In general her profession put her in contact with somany different types of gentlemen and one in particular she ran into was named James.

James was an aspiring pimp who had recently been released from jail and six months into seeing this gentlemen she learned that fact but run, she did no, she just kept right on dating him.                        

James had a few low-budget “hoe’s” on his team that he had hit the “stroll”  but mostly he took them to the local truck stops and she would ride with him sometimes to drop them off. Watching them do lines of cocaine in the back of his car before getting out to get that money. Intense to say the least !!!!

One day she decided she wanted to join the “fun." Wanted to see what that life was about so off she went. She remembers sitting on the edge of his be, ready and willing to hit that truck stop and he says,” WoW, you are so beautiful, so very beautiful. ” Little did she know, he told all his women that. THEY all tell ALL their women that, so she jumps two feet in. 

Very quickly she learned that there are different type of women in the “game”. There are the women that have to walk the streets and do the “BackPage” get down, then there are the women that can do the sugar daddy thing, getting nice little gifts,trips,shoes, bags but they still have to give up the “goods." Next, there are the women like herself. The women that didnt have to give it up. The women that use their “woman," that listen, laugh and are just genuine great company and the icing on the cake, they are beautiful arm candy and she did it so well, so natural. She could just be herself, be woman and get paid to do so or so she thought.

She started being flown here and there. Getting gifts, money, a couple cars but it became quickly obvious that these “money men” deff wanted more than her “woman." It also became very obvious that this "life" wasent for her. She couldn’t “respond” in that “way” to men who she had no other connection with  other then money. She thought that life style seemed so very very easy, so very glamorous but gone are the “Pretty Women” days. Women are now giving up their “goods” for pennies on the dollar and buying the best possible bodies, which is now setting all women up with nothing to “sell," nothing that “money can’t buy." 

People; People; People, to each their own, I don’t judge anyone at any time but the  lets make a few adjustments; get a bit of enlightenment. All humans are worth so so much, each of us made in God’s image, each with such high value so why do we fail to see it, to demand it. Let’s all spend quality time with people who find the quality in us, time with those who appreciate the time and effort and not just the money spent. Although the money spent is nice.