Always go for Love....

 There’s this guy, let’s just call him Joe.

Joe worked hard all his life, been divorced for some time, had three grown children and at this point Joe was just living life on his own terms, doing all the things he wanted to but had not had the chance.

That "way of life" was how I met Joe. Joe had decided that he was going to go back to school and learn some new, random stuff. He decided that he would take classes that helped him learn a variety of different things. He took different language classes, he took ceramics, sewing, he even took a wielding class; didn’t plan on doing anything with it; really he only wanted to melt stuff with a blow torch so he went for it, lol.

Anywho, while taking classes at the local community college, .Joe would frequent my small coffee shop and we would talk about all kinds of things. Like me, Joe loved people, especially people who knew a little something about any and everything under the sun, no matter what culture or nationally you were, Joe loved you and that was one of my favorite things about him. Joe and I would talk in between his classes and he would even stay after class, heck, there were some days that we would talk for hours and hours and on one of those “long” days, Joe asked me for some advice.

Joe had met a women. A lot younger then him and he was thinking of planning a trip to go see her. He said he had talked to a few of his very close friends and they thought he was nuts. He had only known this women three weeks.

Now, at first I was confused as to why his friends were so unsupportive but wait, the plot thickens, the woman lives in the Philippians, speaks very little English and he met her on a web-site that caters to women in different countries that are looking to date and possibly marry American men. 

At this point, I completely understood his friends objections. We have ALL heard of these type of relationships and how things can go so wrong in so many ways. It’s tough to meet someone online,PERIOD. Even in our own country, you truly never know what you’re going to get but don’t get me wrong, there is always the exception to the rule. 

Joe turned out to be the exception.

After Joe originally told me about his plan, I was weary and cautioned him to be smart about his choice but on the other hand, I was excited for him to do something different,see another side of life. I also encouraged him to show appreciation to his friends for their love and concern but that sometimes you have to do things in life that don’t always make sense to other people and that’s completely allowed. His friends didn’t have to agree with his choice but they had to respect it, so GO, meet this beautiful young lady, add more experiences and great memories to your life.

So Joe took off for three months. He lived at the young ladies house with all 12 of her family members. He got to know the young lady, learned some of the language and got the experience of learning how to live, love and laugh no matter where you are. Fast forward one year. Joe spent most of that year going back and forth to the Philippians working on getting all her paper work together so that they could get married and move back to the US.

Receiving the blessing of watching and talking to Joe throughout his journey was so moving and encouraging. It was LOVE and they were both willing to do all that was needed to be in each other’s lives, no matter how different those lives were or how different their families were and the icing on the cake, once Joe was able to get everything in order and bring his beautiful bride to finally see and experience his home, he also brought her by my coffee shop and I too was able to meet this beautiful women who stole his heart over the internet.

When he hit that door with her on his arm, his smile reaching from ear to ear, there are really no words to describe that experience.

Thinking back to when he first mentioned his plan and how he almost didn’t go; how he almost let those who are too scared to jump out of their comfort zone dictate to him what his life should look like. He almost missed out on his Women and I LOVE that he didn’t. 

They now have a three year old son and spend half of each year in her home town and that other half in the US. I don’t get to see him as much but I do get a picture here and there and all I can do is smile from ear to ear. 


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