Sep. 8, 2015

Living in Southern California, what a dream. She could quickly name at least five people that would literally kill to be where she was currently but she finds herself struggling to be thankful.

We are imperfect but dispite that fact, we are made in God’s image so why wouldn’t all of us strife to be God like, perfect in word and deed but humble enough to know the power of that perfection, humble enough to use that perfection only for good, for positive. Use it to help us always see the good in all people, in all things, in all situations, to always be grateful for our blessing here and now but at times it can be hard for us to live those words.

Anywho, we move forward. A beautiful Tuesday, no possible worries and she finds herself not wanting to take a “drive." Now, it may seem so simple, a “drive” is nothing you may say but this wasn’t just ANY drive, it was something she had visualized. During those super cold winter nights, grinding, chillin, living a different life; this “drive” was very much a part of her current and past journey. Her vision, her Yukon XXL cruising through the mean streets of Los Angeles California and although it needed some work and had gone through the ringer a bit in the drive from the north, here was her chance. A perfect sunny southern Cali day and she just couldn’t seem to find the happiness in this simple opportunity that she had dreamed of.

Honestly, for her, in her head, there was some legit down sides. First world down sides but down sides none the less. Her money was slightly funny in her  “kick-it”  budget and her brand new whip was unavailable, which is what she really wanted to cruise LA in. She truly just wasn’t feelin it but she powered through. She had too. This was something so simple but so important and she almost allowed herself to miss out. How ungrateful could she be. Being blessed to live in everything she prayed for, around all the people she regularly prayed for. Life was not perfect by any means but she truly wanted for nothing and regardless of those facts, she found herself not satisfied with some of the simple things, dwelling on what was not there.

How necessary and imperative that all of us never forget the things we prayed for because we could risk missing out on the moments we couldn’t wait for. Never let your mental be blinded by the glitter and gold of life. Never forget about your foundation, the everyday things and people that help your get to the glitter and gold, that help make the glitter and gold all worth it.

This life, your life, our life is ALWAYS enough as long as we have, your, our foundation. Always be grateful because I say again, we once prayed for the things we have now.

Now in the end, she took that drive and oh what a time was had. She had the blessing of spending some great quality time with her best friend of eleven years, had a few tasty adult beverages and just chatted about life,love and memories. She’s also kind of a foody and tended to find great restaurants, don’t ask her to pick the movie but she’s got the food, lol. Anywho, she also got the pleasure of supporting a great small business owner at a small spot called Dirt Dog. Great food, great company, great day and to think, she almost missed out.


Sep. 7, 2015

" Maybe the most scared things are the hardest to see, because they are so obvious....EverydaySacred"