There are many perceptions of American Black Women and one of those being the perception of being strong  and mighty. A perception that they can get things done and do so with a smile and head held high. ABW believes everyone has the ability to be and do all the above mentioned things and our company is here to remind the world of that that through event hospitality.


 Founded in 2016, American Black Women was born from a love and passion for the art and effort behind genuine hospitality. Starting as a blog that touched on all the life lessons and positive and negative stories that were shared with the founder through the people and experiences she had in the hospitality world she soon noticed there was a lack of consistent true love and dedication to the art of taking care of people through hospitality. She found that most people in the field were focused on what they can get and not what they can give so the mind behind American Black Women started developing plans to help be the change that she wanted to see.


 The managing member and founder Dominique M. Hudson  has over 14 years of experience in the hospitality industry. she has channeled her authentic passion, dedication, love and focus on genuine hospitality and the "human" aspect of service to develop a Blog, Event Catering and Support company and brand that provides all services with both the client and guest at the for-front of all they do.